Top 5 crypto news of the week


We live in a world that requires us to keep up to date with the amount of news that is generated, being necessary information for decision making. And the crypto world is not exempt from that, that’s why today we summarize the 5 most important crypto news.

Was the Twitter hacker a Bitcoiner?
Bitcoin gets involved in massive Twitter hacking, Crypto Hacker?
On July 16, Twitter became the center of the world’s attention after a massive hack forced the company’s executives to suspend the accounts of dozens of important personalities.

This has perhaps become one of the most prominent crypto news stories, even of the month, because of what it meant for the security of the social network, and because it generated a lot of talk about crypto.
You’re probably wondering, what did Bitcoin have to do with it? Well, hackers used celebrity profiles to ask their followers to send Bitcoin to a certain address.

He turned out to be one of the greatest hackers in the history of the social network, and he generated a lot to talk about, especially regarding cryptology.

However, despite having managed to hack into multiple celebrities, the hackers only managed to get 13 Bitcoin in total.

Many might believe that the event could have affected Bitcoin’s image and crypto currencies. However, as we reported in Crypt Trend, BTC saw an increase in interest from people this past week.

Again, we reiterate that Bitcoin was used as a means to an end, in the same way that the US dollar is used for human trafficking or drug sales.

Institutional investment in Bitcoin increases during 2020 according to Grayscale

Report reveals increased institutional investment in Bitcoin
As we have previously reported in Crypt Trend, multiple reports have revealed a significant and interesting increase in institutional interest in Bitcoin.

This week, Grayscale released a new report revealing that the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust has seen a significant increase in institutional entries. In fact, the report says it has seen an average inflow of $43.8 million per week during the first half of 2020.

To be more specific, it seems that Crypto Genius increased its appeal to institutional investors during the second quarter of the year. This may be a result of global economic policies and the overall situation.

That is, as many expected, the global situation seems to have prompted investors to join the crypto world. Therefore, this is positive crypto news for cryptomoney.